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Trekking in Nepal

Renowned worldwide for it's majestic mountain peaks standing at the top overlooking the world and it's adventurously unique topography composed of 83% mountain and hilly structural topography, Nepal has a great reputation for offering one of the best trekking and adventurous trip experiences on the world stage of adventure tourism. With it's stupendously fascinating topography, it attracts several hundred thousand trekking enthusiasts from around the world every year.

Trekking Trips in Nepal 

Nepal offers a wide range of trekking options, ranging from easy to strenuous, for all kinds of trekkers and trekking enthusiasts. Below are the types of trekking activities mentioned as per the duration and their nature, which are favorable for trekkers as per their need for the best.

Just like every other industry in the world, the tourism industry too had to go through hard times due to COVID-19, which in turn affected the industry in many ways, including the complete halt of people's movement and travel, which is the basic element of the tourism business industry that resulted in the decline in the tourism business industry worldwide, including Nepal. But after the world started to get to a normal pace in recent years, the business has bounced back with new concepts and trends to make people rejoice in the ascent of travel and appreciate the beauty of people's cultural manifestations and their very presence, as well as the importance of appreciating the flora and fauna gifted by mother nature for humans. The world is gradually healing and so is Nepal, with its eagerness to welcome people to visit here with the very best hospitality to greet them like no other place in the world.

With a wide range of choices to select from for trekking in Nepal, one of the very famous, well-favored, and well-recognized Annapurna Base-camp Treks offers one of the best trekking experiences to trekkers. Located in the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP), with the point of commencement being Nayapool on the way, travelers will get to witness some of the splendid views of the mountains. In addition, the culture and traditions of the host community make the trip feel like a cherry on top due to it's marvelous blend with the beauty of nature.

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Art representing various natural and cultutal heritages of Nepal