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An amazing trek across the Himalayas. Well planned, Well managed, Fun and increibly interesting.

Our treks with Dinantha Panta and his team have been amazing adventures. Over the past month we have trekked to above 4000m in the Annapurna Himalayas and seen Rhinos wild on the plans of Chittawan. Its been an amazing time for the both of us. Most importantly to us, we were met by professional and friendly people from the airport, to the hotel and at every point during the planning and conduct of our 2 unique adventures... which were vigorous, fascinating and both life time memorable experiences. Though unusual weather for this time of year, we felt safe and included in our planning and decision making. We were guided and supported with safety as everyone's primary concern in less than optimum conditions. The uncharacteristically poor weather made our Annapurna Trek a real challenge this year but the Plan Team created a safe and fascinating journey. Thank You all!

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