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Lesser known to the world, Nepal is a beautiful nation surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, with Mount Everest sitting at the head of this nation, overlooking the world. Nepal is a country full of mystery and cultures like never-seen and no-where anyone has seen before in their life. The Himalayan nation is full of wonder, mystery, myths, and legends, and the majority of its land is occupied by the highest peaks in the world, which is also the reason why Nepal is one of the most popular places for adventure and expedition by travelers from around the world. Acting as buffer zone for India and china Nepal has a unique amalgamation of cultures from both China in the north and India in the south, along with its own, which creates a unique fusion of the cultural and traditional blend. Nepal also has flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world, like the spiny babbler, which is native to Nepal. The upper altitudes of Nepal, which is the Himalayan region, have one of the most beautiful and colorful birds, the lophophorous, along with one of the rarest animals, the Red Panda, found in very few countries and regions of the world.

With a wide range of activities and things to do and see, as well as the manifestation of traditional and cultural practices with a unique blend and some completely untouched and intact as their form of origin, visitors can have a variety of choices to act on as per their preferences and curiosity. The traditional act of rituals, even in the modern days of the 21st century, might be a complete cultural shock for someone who does not have much of an idea about the cultural practices of Nepal and on the contrary, some might find it fascinating. Either way, the experience here is going to be completely unique due to how alive the nation of Nepal is when it comes to culture. The atmosphere in here completely reflects you as you walk through either the city roads or the trails of the trek; all of them give off beautiful and exuberant vibes, which might make you even feel like you've come down memory lane and make you feel alive again with the joy of living the moment in this beautiful land on earth.

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The nation is unique and a different world within itself, with a blend of different cultural and traditional practices, some of which might shock first-time visitors and some that might fascinate others. Along with the culture, the landscapes will also have no chance to amaze you. With its exotic landscapes ranging from the lowest point to the highest point within a short distance, the geography here is stupendously amazing. Before visiting this land of mystery and charisma, there are certain things you should take into consideration.

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