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Nepal with an abundance of majestic mountain ranges varying in altitude is a great destination for adventure and expedition lovers. The mountainous portion of Nepal covers about 40% of the land area with the beautiful ranges of Himalayan. The history of Nepal in the field of mountaineering dates back to the time from the period when Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa made their successful ascend to the top of the world's highest peak Mt.Everest in 1953 A.D. It was after this event that the world knew about the country of Nepal and further Nepal started to get recognized in the world stage of the tourism industry. Since around 40% of the area is covered by the mountains here they've become a major part of the tourism industry and a source of tourism revenue through the climbing and expedition activity every year from the visit of adventure lovers and climbers visiting from around the world.

Nepal has peaks ranging from 5,000m to all the way 8,000m in the world which means climbers can choose from a wide variety of choices when it comes to expeditions and climbing. Due to the high altitudes and location Nepal also provides residence to some of the unique floras and fauna found nowhere else in the world which is also a reason for travelers to visit here aside from the astonishingly amazing culture and traditional practises and lifestyle which makes Nepal a must-visit destination in a lifetime.

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